Has Your Furnace Gone on the Fritz?

Rely on us for prompt heating services in Kansas City, MO

If your heater breaks down in the dead of winter, you don't have to pile on the blankets and hope for the best. Instead, trust the pros at Air Control Heating & Cooling, LLC for timely heating services in the Kansas City, MO area. We can repair, replace or provide maintenance for your furnace so you can relax in the comfort of your home again.

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Prepare your furnace for the change of seasons

Prepare your furnace for the change of seasons

Your heater might be working fine now, but if you want it to keep working effectively year-round, you'll want to sign up for a furnace maintenance plan. Our technicians can extend the service life of your furnace by:

  • Removing debris
  • Changing the filter
  • Adjusting fan belts
  • Replenishing coolant
  • Checking the compressor
  • Cleaning the system
  • Examining valves
  • Inspecting coils

Sign up for a furnace maintenance plan to keep your Kansas City, MO home comfortable. Call 816-490-6642 now.